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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoes, cool sites, and saving money

First off, how awesome are these?!
They're wedding shoes. :)
79 days to go!
Let me tell you a little story about how I purchased them for 37% off without any sales or coupon codes.

First, Google's shopping search found them for me for $84.45 at ShoeBuy, which was the cheapest price online. Next, I went to Ebates to see if ShoeBuy offered a rebate through them. They did! 10% back! Not only was that awesome, but they also informed me that if I bought them on a Thursday and used EBillMe to pay for them, I would get another 20% back.

So, it's Thursday. I got online this morning to purchase my Navy Satin Nina Evelixas and first went to Ebates (in case you don't know, Ebates is a rebate site for online purchases-- it's FREE to join and you get a $10 credit just for signing up) and Ebates sent me to ShoeBuy.

When you create a ShoeBuy account, you get 10% off your first purchase, so that brought my $84.45 shoes down to $76. Since it's Thursday and I used EBillMe to pay (it's where you send them a payment through your bank's online bill pay), I got $15.20 back. Now the shoes are $60.80.

Ebates will give me 10% back from the original $76 price, so another $7.60 off. That makes my shoes $53.20. Just doing a couple extra things that took me maybe one minute to complete saved me $31.25!

Lessons learned:
1. ALWAYS go through Ebates before you make any online purchases.
2. Bookmark ShoeBuy for shoes and make purchases on Thursdays.


  1. Okay, my feet hurt just looking at those shoes, but way to score a bargain! :)

  2. CUTE shoes! Okay, here's the plan. Heidi can pin cute clothes for me on her Pinterest board and then you can buy them at these huge discounts. Cool? Cool. :)

  3. Pretty shoes and such great advice about purchases! Thanks for helping us through your lessons learned:)


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